Suaimhneas CBT Therapy and Mindfulness

Low Self-Esteem

CBT for Low Self-Esteem

CBT for Low Self-Esteem and Self-Criticism What is Low Self-Esteem? Self-esteem can be described as the value or worth you place on yourself as a person. When you judge yourself negatively it can affect your self-esteem. Someone with low self-esteem can see themselves as ‘worthless’ or a ‘failure’ and get stuck in negative self-judgements such …

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What is CBT Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) Online & In-Person What is CBT? Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT) is a present-focused talking therapy supported by many years evidence-based clinical research. In CBT, we look at our problems by learning about the relationship between how we think about ourselves, our relationships with others and the world around us, and how this …

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