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About Shirine

Shirine Beausang is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) and Mindfulness Trainer. As a fully qualified and accredited CBT Therapist in Cork, I deliver high quality, specialist and evidence-based CBT treatment plans, based on your own individual needs.

I am also an experienced specialist working with neurodivergent adults, on the Autism Spectrum and with ADHD. I am a neuro affirming therapist. 

I have extensive experience as a social care worker. I am experienced at identifying autism specific needs and applying interventions and supports related specifically to autism. These include social communication, social interaction, social imagination, sensory processing, and executive function.

At Suaimhneas CBT Therapy Cork and Mindfulness, I will help you to gain an understanding of what is causing and maintaining your particular difficulty. We will work together to develop your CBT therapy and Mindfulness skills to deal with a variety of life challenges such as worry, anxiety, depression, panic, social anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, low self-esteem, and stress. 

I have a Master’s in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT). This means that I work specifically within a CBT model of assessment, clinical supervision, and case-formulated treatment plans. CBT psychotherapy is not an add-on, it is my main psychotherapeutic approach.

“When I first came across CBT I was in a constant state of anxiety and could not relax and settle myself. Everything was difficult. Even small tasks caused me stress. I started CBT with Shirine and I cannot believe the difference it made and is still making to my life. CBT has given me the ability to help heal and look after myself”

I am a fully accredited with the Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (APCP), EMDR All-Ireland (EMDR), and with the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland (MTAI).

I am fully trained and qualified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Compassion-Focused Therapy. I am also fully trained accredited in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  

I have a special interest and skills in ‘third wave’ CBT therapy which integrates Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Acceptance-Based Approaches. I find integrating CBT and Mindfulness to be extremely beneficial. You will see significant improvements in your overall wellbeing and resilience to your life challenges. These approaches will help you to build the confidence and enthusiasm to live your life in a way that truly matters to you, with health, wellbeing and vibrancy.


I am an autism-informed psychotherapist who has worked for many years as a social care worker with HSE funded organisation, based in Cork and Kerry. 

I specialize in ‘late-diagnosis’ autism, those who received their diagnosis in adulthood, or who may feel that they have some autistic traits they would like to further explore through counselling and psychotherapy. We will address your needs through an autism specific lens, such as understanding how social information processing, social imagination, social communication, executive function and sensory processing have influenced your life experience. We will also work with your strengths as an autistic person to live your life in ways that are important to you.

I am a social care worker with over 20 years experience working extensively with both adults and adolescents with complex mental health needs, social, behavioural and emotional difficulties. I was both a manager and team leader in statutory child protection services. I also worked in homelessness , addiction and disabilities services. I have comprehensive experience in the assessment risk, need and case management of vulnerable clients. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a way of life for me and I have committed fully to this process for over fifteen years. As a result, I have benefited enormously in terms of my own personal wellbeing, acceptance, healing and peace. Meditation is the lens through which I experience the world. It is how I have learned to navigate my own life challenges and it gives me the courage and confidence to live wholeheartedly in the present moment. It is important to me that I am continuously working on my own inner journey through mindfulness and self-compassion, so I can be of benefit to others who are embarking on their own journey.

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